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Saturday, March 12, 2011


For most of us food is a delight. A passion for some of us. A necessity for all of us. A nemesis for the most weird of us. The last of which I believe is rare (hopefully!)

To me food, ranks in the first order of my interests. The next-s being movies and literature. I remember not quite, from when on my love for food and its smell and its sight and its thoughts seeded in. I believe, if genetics are anything to go by, I have my father a lot to thank for. Although, as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I have not quite inherited culinary skills as much but of course the epicurean in me is and will always be optimistic that some fine, bright day the world will be a lovelier place to live in and I will be able to put up a banquet myself for a rather massive crowd. Okay let me reduce that, to a couple of guests at home (whoever said, DREAM BIG?!)

My love for food extends to every single cookery show I can manage to catch up on the television, sans a barrier for language, every single article and recipe I read in the magazines to churn out a possibly delicious "delight", every picture of food in its various colours and textures and shapes and presentations taken from close shots, which instantly does take the viewer's taste buds and brains unto its control. But of course, when it comes to putting my love into practice, I am still the baby of the family, maybe owing to their health issues, maybe owing to their "palatable" memories, maybe owing to their idleness as far as culinary adventures are concerned and maybe owing to cost concerns.

So today I pray to God, as in every day, please make my day come some day, so that the third blog I write on food (sorry, couldnt help myself) wouldn't be restricted to dreams which just remain dreams, sweet, sour, spicy and salty at that!

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