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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Wondering Baby ~ from within...

I wonder why I came out, not cryin',
When all the while I was happy in
The womb of a sweet pleasant woman called my mother,
To this world that is full of din
And everywhere tongues braggin'
Of their world famous sins.

Oh sometimes I wish they'd put me in a bin
Wrapped in a foil of tin,
And make me look like a 'Superbaby'
All silvery and Oh-so-zin',
And leave me wonderin' to myself
In the corner
Of some deep dark inn.

But Alas! I am bound in this lint
Pronged and tossed in this wool
Held with pins,
And they only take them off this Yin
To lather to rub and,
To rinse.
Oh then I'd long for
Tails and fins
To swim along in this water,
Away from these ninns'!

But here again they win,
Everytime, this baby's kins.
And I lie in the cradle
With my hand on my chubby chin,
Never knowin' that someday,
I would go back in
To that womb in the ground within
Six feet or more, deep.
To that place where I have to sleep.
My hand still holdin',
A bottle of Gin.


  1. ha ha .. a bottle of gin. The levity of the ending made it worth the read. It sometimes threatened to turn into a harangue but that it never did, bless you!


  2. I can understand that longing for a tail and some fins. We've all wanted to swim away, haven't we?

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.