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Monday, March 14, 2011


Folks, friends, and the rest of my dear ones!

Before hitting the sack and spending another sleepless night, tossing, turning and pondering about colorful tomorrows (ah! the woes of 20's) I would like you all to know that today I was: A)supposed to finish off with a book,
B)supposed to find & learn new words (what's that study called, anyways??),
C)supposed to do a write up,
D)supposed to think straight and deep
E)supposed to breathe straight and deep
F)supposed to perceive the depth and beauty of every moment of life and lastly and less leastly,(dont I love improvising!)
G)supposed to etch them all in my memories.

I am ,in short, supposedly setting draining deadlines on a petite 25 year old, rather pale looking girl with eyes as tired as that of a doctor's (now that is what I call a coincidence!)

I began conversations with my friends, asking them whether they were prepared for the upcoming APOCALYPSE. So for today my appetite on Doomsday is whet.
Just signed in to ,however, share a few verses I randomly wrote on the paper back of Madame Bovary (Err.. Emma has got nothing to do with this). So here I go, yet once again ;)

" And the stranger loved
Her beauty and its shadow alike.

For reckon he did,
If not her eyes
Pools of unknown,
Dark oils of the Arabian lamps
Black as magic
Beautiful as her mind,

There is nothing in the world
To unlock
The chambers of his heart
To the light of his soul.. "

Name my verses whatever you want it to be known as..

Till then
...Lets sleep over love!

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  1. abstract, and that's the beauty of it. superb ;)