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Monday, April 12, 2010

Love and Circuits.

“Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by Imagination.”
Only a 17th century philosopher like Voltaire could have summed up Love ( the most intricate subject to be discussed besides maybe free will and religion) in a rosy sentence like this. Reading this quote might take you to The Italian countryside or The North of France where the landscape is embroidered by silk. Needless to say, I hope you can imagine how picturesque that is going to be.
I have always been fascinated by love. Every sensitive being is! Near and dear ones call me foolishly romantic, especially now that I have attained age and am still waiting and not searching for the right one(searching is what parents do anyways, lol). But despite all my hopeless romanticism and an excess dose of reading about love and its various manifestations and the power that it can render one to create and destroy the world around oneself at the same time, am still perplexed about its intricacies. Just like I was confused about solving circuit problems in high school Physics. Ah! The joy when I’d solve a circuit problem, all by myself! Like a patient boy always waiting for that Ultimate model of PSP to quench his dreams, I believe patience is the only virtue worth giving a dime for, when it comes to love. And again, needless to say, I have had my constant questions about love in that patient period of waiting, seldom doubting its virtuosity, sitting like a brooding lion, grumbling that True Love is as synonymous as Perfect Human Being { friends know that too ;) }.
Yeah its old knowledge, that nothing is perfect. Carpe diem for love too, maybe. Seize the apparently right man/woman and make them and the love perfect, just because your logic tells you so. After all, love grows within oneself and another as years and experiences pass by. Hats off to those who have loved each other more after getting hitched. After all a person is only worth his/her trust in this world, trust being a compulsory luxury in a relationship, thereby determining the integrity of everything.
But what strikes me hard is, how a cold a business marriage( which “love” should after all culminate in) can sometimes get, making me wonder , does love even happen at all in such cases! Can love be arranged? How can soul mates be assigned to one on the basis of location, educational background, financial assets, the number of siblings and last but not the least , religion and caste and sub caste! And of course, HOR(ROR)SCOPES! Now that’s the paradox of living in India. We are meant to be the most romantic people in this world maybe third to France and Italy, yet we seek for love, not on the basis of its essence or the happiness that it can give us on being with one another but build it on the norms society and superstition has created to bring forth glory to itself! ( So I doubt the meaning of that “title” too, in return)
Maybe I might be right, maybe I might be wrong, but its better never to make a commitment with the wrong person, just because you would have missed the ”golden” chance if you hadn’t, than to bear the brunt of yourself and another soul and push the cart without having the energy to oil its wheels ,forever. Better feel alone single than with another!
Sometimes I feel, if free will was as overrated as sex and marriage, perhaps happiness would have been more prevalent. Most of the crimes done unto another and worst of all to ourselves, are done, because we do not know what we want and even if we know deep inside we are not willing to do that in the name of compromise. That stands for love too. We compromise in the name of religion, wealth, education and in the most foolish cases, looks.
People tell me that I should be scared that at 24 am still single, but I don’t know why, they still fail to intimidate me. Mulish that I am, I know that I cannot make out my soul mate from a picture, which could be airbrushed and retouched, or a profile ( which could again be airbrushed and retouched, if you know what I mean lol) from a matrimonial site. I wish I could. Life would have been a lot easier then. There would have been lesser stints with my parents who are dreaming about The Day with much more vigor and eagerness than me. Meanwhile I am still singing “Somebody Save Me!” as if drowning into a pool of quick sand(lol).
Only a good friend can be a good companion forever. Love is a friendship set to music. Maybe two bodies one soul and two hearts that beat as one, needn’t work out. After all that would, kind of, make us twins. And I would hate to live with anyone like myself!
Love, to me, is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Love happens to a person, it cannot be measured, sewn and worn like a dress. It is unconditional. I believe that it is not love when one feels restricted. Because to nurture one another and to grow up with time, one needs space big enough to fly, swim and stand and sleep (if not that much, at least sit and read lol). Any extra baggage coming with it should not be given the benefit of reconsideration. Only a perfect sense of understanding can mend any problems in this apparently beautiful world of love. And the position of one’s planets and its timings has got nothing to do with it.
Anyways, I congratulate all my dear and near ones who have found their love and I wish the rest of them, including myself, happiness whether love comes their way or not. After all, if we don’t get The One, The Dream still persists enough to give us bliss!
{P.S: It took me four hours to furnish this post, considering the sensitivity of this issue, so kindly bear with me, as you are bearing the heat of summer in India right now, if any contradiction still persists in this post or that which can happen in the future. After all I am just Vibina, not Voltaire ;) (and I still keep having nightmares about circuits!) }


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  2. though not an avid blog-ee (if i may), i enjoy reading your posts. :)