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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am not a natural beginner. No, not even while socialising do I take the initiative to give a, if seemingly false, warm HI. Thus reflected in my writings.

So as I stare through the template before me, rubbing an already dissipated moisturiser into my sweaty hands [!] I sit wondering about a grafitti of things. How weird it is, is upto you to decide..
Slavery, hypocrisy, Colin Firth as H.G.Wells in a sci-fi drama, dishonesty, the stigma of pretension, the volume of my father's snores from the other room, sweaty hands. Ok, the list is endless.

There is nothing faster than the human mind. And nothing more absurd. And the very fact that it could be revealed from the way I began this post to how I am continuing it now without a direction and to where I might be taking this to [ something which I myself am unaware about ] is quite disturbing, yet engaging if you are in the mood to introspect on its meanders and decide to write on it, of course!

So I sat and wondered. And wondered. And wondered.

And my brain proved to be yet another unfaithful partner. When I needed her, she goes in for white-blank meditation. Or am I really meditating. Then why do I hear my neighbours talk. Or why do I think about the sudden cease of my father's snores. Or why have I been unlucky enough to think that I have been unlucky in life.. ?? A long night drive? A cold milk shake?

I am too young to give people matter of justification as to why our brains behave like wild-child(s). Perhaps it is pure curiosity, perhaps pure idleness, sometimes purer dejection of the way life has turned out to be for us individually, thereby resorting to fantasies and the rest of it all except our lives, of course. But I do know that as long as the theory humans have evolved from monkeys stand on, all of us shall have our neuronal networks on fire unceasing!

{ If you think this article was supposed to make any sense, then you, my friend, are intelligent! }

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