Sunset. Sunrise. Sunshine.

Anymore proof for the divine!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Will Always Love You, Whitney!


Its a clear Sunday. Or so. The weather sense in my Android (Oops! Forgive my sense-of-posh, or whatever!) begs to differ. But who cares when the heart is clearer and warmer than a day kissed and loved by the Heavens above.( So much for hearing, Gaye Marvin's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" the first thing in the morning ;) )

For all of us know life is nothing but a conglomeration of paradoxes. And even more worser for us womenfolk who have never had our heads fixed right onto where our hearts sway. I mean what is it between girls and wanting to be good and adventurously bad, all in the same life! Wait.. At the same time, rather. ( Ok now let me stop being the Famous Drifter talker, baaahh!!)

To be honest, I dont know what I am going to write here, 'coz I have too much on my platter.. And with some creep lady knocking on my door for some well undeserved money has just sent my thoughts spiralling down into the drains of reality. As murky as it can be!

So I switch onto watch my ever Favourite Whitney Houston render a strong spirited " I am every Woman" just to get that-you-know River of Soul running through my veins to make a Sunday amidst all the other dreary days look penultimately brighter!

And thats when I realised what a dent Whitney has left in the hearts of millions like me with her untimely death. A voice that mesmerised gazillion minds with its power, spirit and a sense of liberation admixed with ounces of passion. I received the tragic news on a dear friend's wedding and the rush then perhaps did'nt make the loss sink in me until I rewinded through my favourite Houston tracks now....

And man! Didnt my eyes well up... If M.J's death was a blow to the mind, Whitney's is dearthly sinking my heart into the abyss of losses that'll leave a mark forever! For those of us girls who think loving another's man tops the book of sins, try listening to Saving all My Love for You, and you'll know the sudden upsurge of guts that I am talking about, that makes it sound alright to savour an extra!

So today, two weeks exactly after the demise of a woman whose voice would make rivers stop and mountains move, whose words could even light up the deepest of gorges and our silly human minds, I dedicate a write up, to my all time Favourite Diva. Whitney, you'll always remain a Nightingale with the Prowess of the night she sings in!!!

P.S: Talk about contradictions, a memorial on a sunny Sunday. Warned you, Life is a conglomeration of PARADOXES ! ;)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


I held the hands of
She who bought me here,
I stumbled, fell and walked
Baby feet on the wet grass,
Of the spheres of this world.
I looked up into
The rays of sunshine,
That singed the clouds of life,
And I bared a bright grin
Of a thousand absent gems,
At the angel who walked
The murky roads of creation,
To gift me here into the
Land of Light!

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