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Sunday, April 24, 2011


As yet another Easter closes in, I am, as always taken, back to a very fond weekday in my early childhood, when upon the sudden realisation that the next day is a holiday in school because of Easter, I was overjoyed like any other seven year old kid. For this very nostalgic reason, to date Easter is a well cherished festival in my heart, a festival that once bought me an unexpected heap of happiness..

The afternoon I heard this news became all the more golden despite of all the heat and the tension of attending an unwanted dance class. Every other stone I had to step on, to endure all those long toiling hours to 'tha-tha-thik-thik-thais' seemed bearable forever, because of a good Easter that would eventually give me all the time with Mum and toys the next day. At the risk of sounding a tad dramatic, let me tell you, I still enjoy a pang of happiness when I think about that afternoon.

Perhaps that incident bears a metaphor to Easter, in my mind. Just when I thought life couldn't get any more worser for my fragile bones and a highly restless seven year old mind, I get a resurrection of joy in the form of a holiday!
But then thats my own stupid thought, better kept closed in a box, but you know....

Anyways I wish all my dear and near ones a Happy Easter..

When Christ bore the cross, He bore all our troubles with Him..
When every nail dug into His flesh, every heart had His name inscribed in them forever..
Faith outlives everything else... Faith is the only panacea for a depleting mankind.

Image courtesy: http://www.art-wallpaper.net/Christian-Wallpapers/images/crucifixion-of-jesus-christ-with-dramatic-sky-and-lightning.jpg


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  1. Beautiful Post.
    Lovely Bunnies :)
    The Resurrection is what keeps me going, girl.
    Without it, we're just another Religion.

    Poppin' in from Lady BLogger.