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Anymore proof for the divine!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


My eyes are still puffy, my heart is broken and I am importunately trying to make up my grievance for my little one's loss today..Pale, cold and alone as I would have never wanted him to die..and I really did try hard.

Jon Voight our flowerhorn came into our lives two years back on my brother's 23rd birthday as a precious gift and from thereon he just lightened up our lives with his cute disposition and vivid colors. If there was a fish like a dog, which could give you unconditional attention, it had to be Voightsan, as we fondly called him.

After a year of constant travelling and pampering by my baby brother, Voight came into my hands. And needless I say, I over pampered him. With food, love, mimicry, dances and different versions of his name sung in different intonations, my Voight was constantly the star of our home. My husband and I cherished in revealing to our guests the intricate details of this fish and how it was considered a luck to even possess a breed like Voight.

A tedious process of maintaining his health was never a possibly considered nuisance because we just wanted him happy. And happy he was. He swum to dance and danced to swim and did little bit of head banging to get our atttention. His big human like poops were funny fascinations which would have normally looked obnoxious, but hey, this is Voightsan's poop! He'd frolick and flap his forefins when he needed more food and would go to the far end of the tank and give me stealthy glances if he was done.

He was my constant companion in times of loneliness, my study partner during these months of night outs for my exams and the only creature that couldn't sustain without me. And when I needed that little bit of extra love from him, I'd just open his tank overhead and almost intuitionally he'd surface his big red head up for me to pet. And then of course, he'd playfully jump for my finger. But now that's all over. This is not a tribute or an obit. It's just a way of myself recounting and rejoicing and at the same time washing my wounds over a small fish that gave me loads of happiness. Good things always come in small packages. Couldn't be better said! Owner's pride, neighbour's envy.. Will always miss you Voight..