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Monday, April 25, 2011


For all those know-it-alls out there..
Try Geosense-ing, as I'd like to put it, and see how Russia, Canada, Brazil, and in my case the entire Europe, United States and Africa can drive you bonkers.

No matter how much ever you try analysing the world map and the queer mistakes you make while exactly pin pointing the yet unheard of locations (or you thought so!), you are going to stray. I began it today and I know I will soon get tired of it too, but it is thrilling as long as it lasts (now what doesn't??!)

Geosensing (allow me the liberty) took me back to 10th grade when our geography Ma'am would relentlessly hand us out blank Indian maps and a list of much elusive locations to perfect our national geography, but today I realise our curriculum was anything but complete. This Easter I realised that I really didnt know the location of Taiwan!

Of course you can play it alone, at least beginners better, lest you want to have sour experiences like an arrogant moi of having to play with a firebrand 10 year old geeky kid (this is purely my assumption) who knew the world better than me and asked me whether I was new to the world in itself. Or try a much wiser option of playing the game alone to boost yourself up.

Quite deservingly, I almost choked on my own humiliation and decided that I am only going to pit myself against another a next time after mastering my own sense of geography and look out for who's-better-than-who scores.

So here I am, adamantly deciding myself to play this game to shut off my ignorance until I point out where exactly Azerbaijan's 'famous barn' is located in. :D

And for all those know-it-all's who knew it all about this game beforehand, don't be an imprudent fellow Homo Sapien and make me look like Mumble from Happy Feet, alright! I will definitely plan up something for you. I know that you know that I really dont know who I am fooling ;)

Till then,

Yours GPS-lovingly..

[P.S: In case you want to try and test your 'worldly' knowledge, here's the link, and of course do let me know how pissed off or proud you were. Either ways no harm ;)
www.geosense.net ]

Image courtesy: http://ursispaltenstein.ch/blog/images/uploads_img/game_geosense.jpg

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