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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hmm.. so we have a lot on our platter today seemingly, what with an early afternoon jolter tsunami in Japan, humbling the humanity yet once again, showing how everything can be unceasingly destroyed by Nature without it giving a second thought, where man's power, wit and will is futile. what began as a calm and sunny Friday morning in Japan and ended to be a draining,homeless and numb night sparked with fears for the people there, and yet many more nights to come like that. But interestingly enough, the footages did indicate out one thing: that an essential crowd of Japanese are very calm and controlled people who of course, maybe right from their childhood days were trained for such calamities. And as my Dad observed, things will fall into place in weeks over there, what with facilities for news broadcasting and Internet already being made available. But were it to happen in a country like India, where in this context I refrain from using any controversial adjective,the plight would have not known any fathom!I dont want to repeat the preceding causes and the 8th grade civics-economics "Vicious Cycle" theory here because I am sure my readers (if there are any) would be very well aware of it.

Apart from natural calamities,if we take a look at this year, the onset itself was eventful, for some reasons distressing for some other reasons victorious. In the calling for democracy, Libya has rivers of blood flowing through her but at the same time earlier this month, Egypt and Tunisia conceded into its peoples demands.
Then of course there were the devastating quakes in New Zealand and China but I really do not want the year to look pessimistic and pleading already. May all of their souls rest in peace. Amen!
Since I plan on giving you a quick conclusion to this post, as it is only March 12th of 2011, I would like to narrate out what I precisely felt when I saw an airplane, a mighty one in the sky, with red, green and golden lights and tail and wings, like a regal blue bird, the prince of the sky tonight (er,excuse the poet in me). This beautiful, path twisting, future defining invention of mankind meets the end of its glory if Nature proposes to intervene a less mightier bird, God's own creation for the skies, in its way.
Int that case, who wins here: Nature's small bird or Man's Giant one?
Let us all remember, that Nature is a silent watcher, a patient bearer and a ruthless killer. Love her, respect her. Live and let live!


  1. amazing last lines!
    nice read, could do with a tad bit of better organization. and yes, you do have readers ;)

  2. thank u! and yes I am working on my organising skills :)