Sunset. Sunrise. Sunshine.

Anymore proof for the divine!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Things To Think

I want to free
The chains of thoughts 
my mind are shackled in,
Hard and Heavy.

I want to free
The dungeon of broken dreams 
my soul lies weeping in,
Teary and dreary.

I want to free 
The light that is 
ebbing into darkness,
within the rims of my eyes.

I want to free
The tongue that lies twisted and coiled
with unsaid words and angst,
Like a venomous reptile.

I want to free
That blank space in the gyri
when I want to use it
good somehow.

I want to free
Your thoughts you keep hiding
from me like a, 
Butler in disguise.

I want to free 
every sharp string of silver
that is cutting through our souls,
bleeding us in a maze of desire.

I want to free
All those peoples souls 
who prevent us from 
being just us.

I want to free myself of 
Such vindictive thoughts.
That is not going to help,
For it all becomes just a 
mere floating idea.

Then I breathe in,
Sweet and cold
To gravitate.

Go to sleep 
Lull, my child.
For in the morning
we shall wake
to newer sermons of 
in Our class.