Sunset. Sunrise. Sunshine.

Anymore proof for the divine!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Heat, water.
Oggling the yellows of
Mangoes, jackfruits and
The succulent summer paradise.
Nectars to fill
The lasciviousness’
Of a silly walking
Languid slight.

Lovers groping here and there
For shades under
Uncle trees with jolly dark paunches.
In sunned rooms with
Red drapes and weak willed chairs ,
Torn and yet amused to watch
This burning spectacle.
The cigar still racing into their mouths.
Well versed teaks for
Motions of schadenfreude.

Quiet sepia relics
Of the gones, comings and
Reticent expectings.

Another summer for the hornbills
To gawk by.
Open, openn, opennnn :

“Aa” “Aaa” “Aaaaa”

Thy mouths for
Drops of mercy,
Like us too.

Wells dry, our hearts cry,
And still the smiles gleam
Under the heats of a
Well loved month of
Solar warmth!

Monday, May 2, 2011


The floor is lit
The music is on,
What are you hiding
In that corner for?

The rule in here
Is to dance.
Not to watch.
So what are you
Waiting for?

A prayer to leave?
A soul to bereave?
Of your mortal self
This stale old heart
And foggy specs.

Join the game
You already have.
Kick it out ,
Let it out.
You gotta’ survive.

Come get into
The groove of this
The beat of this
'Coz the music here
Is not gonna' last enough
To revive..

Image courtesy: http://www.customsoundroadshow.co.uk/Disco_Lights_on_Dancefloor_287230238_std.jpg