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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Now that is a word most of us, who may not necessarily be blessed with excellent penmanship but think that we are going to, in the words of Seamus Heaney, create history someday with the squat pen resting between our fingers and thumbs , are familiar with, almost akin to a mind block when one wants to scream in retaliation at that one person who whisked away the love of our lives but find to utter dismay ( and an inevitably occluded larynx) the intended and well rehearsed words suspending in mid air hovering somewhere between our eyes and theirs.
Often I, myself, who is a helpless victim to this interminable disease, find myself under the control of inconsolable anguish when I am always lured by the mental picture of a book , a pen, a table lamp, me and my unending thoughts writing away dreamily, but am constantly dragged away just because I frankly don’t know HOW TO START! So if you have ever chanced upon my blog post all you can see are three or four posts (but of course who am I lying to about the reasons for that lol).
Yeah, yeah there are various other reasons too but honestly when I see my friends mailing me beautiful poems and tagging me in their ever funny blog posts I always think, “ And so you think you can write,Vibina? :)
So here I was finally waking up, post a long drilling alarm, breaking my knuckles, breathing in deep, closing my eyes only to open them and stare at the blinking cursor and the bright white Word page in front of me…….
And to top it all my mom had had arrived into the room with the telephone just in time to put me into The Deodorant Situation…..Highly pressurized, highly flammable air waiting to burst out yet locked in a small tin can …
Calls keep flitting in and out. One aunt’s call ends in another aunt calling. Same old topics discussed with the same vigour, same languages but with different second and third persons. Again I stare at the blinking cursor. Again at mom, again at the blinking cursor.

And then it happens…… Why don’t I write about the one thing that is blocking my ,apparently brimming mind…..Nothing but that all pervading black veiled soul in my sprouting mind, THE BLOCK….. With a sweet yet nailing vengeance and drive him [no offence to sexist guys..You can make it a her, maybe in your article a next time J] home with the message “Go Away” when I clearly know that he would probably be the uninvited guest tomorrow of all. And just melt the ice in the bargain so that it wouldn’t freeze anything else at least for a few countable days !

So folks presenting to you my latest creation….

No. I wont pronounce the title once again. Lest I corrupt your flowing mind and my just- now de-clogged counterpart with the “B” word that most of us are bitterly aware of….
[P.S: Don’t you ever complain to me about the lack of “depth” in this article lol ]

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