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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Perfection in imperfection

“The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself.”
As true as death. As in the words of Simone de Beauvoir “One is not born a woman, one becomes one”. And that commences with her perception of her beauty and the rest (which can get longer than history). And of course, becoming a woman is a mammoth emotional task. Especially when the question in limelight is her appearance. Beauty is anointed into her from her days of childhood and her mother’s lipstick becomes her favorite crayon. And the journey begins from thereon, spraying asteroids into the path of her emotions, occasionally.
Ironically, when I was in a salon myself, I had this question popping into my head,.. “Whoever came up with This perception of feminine beauty?” That a woman should not have flesh yet should have flesh.. That a woman should be curvy but not with tyres.. That a woman should be HAIRLESS! That too without visiting a parlor, without having to go through all that ripping pain of being waxed! That the perfect beauty shouldn’t have a zit. Skin glowing, hair shining. That a woman’s lips should be as rosy as when she would wear a Night Valley Red shade of lipstick, without actually wearing it!! That she should have the perfect arch of eyebrows, without ever getting herself plucked! That dark circles under a man’s eyes means that he has been thinking too hard and under that of a woman’s, intends that Nature is taking away the first thing It has gifted her since her birth- her beauty! And WHOEVER coined those silly two words.. SIZE ZERO! Why should a woman have a figure that would make her vanish into thin air and have that called perfect!
One should enhance ones looks, all right. After all girls just wanna have fun with their palette of colors and their bottles of perfumes and their high heels and ruffles and chiffons and as J.D.Salinger puts it up in Catcher in the Rye {this is for the platter of men out there} : If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? Nobody. J
But today my post is intended to girls and women alike out there who take their beauty far too seriously to make it appear annoying, rather make themselves the butt of another’s ridicule, out there, because somehow they forgot to sharpen their minds while filing their nails. For instance, I have seen on my FB homepage about how “nymphets” update their status of how sexy they feel when another girl looks at them with the word Bitch in their Eyes!( I need a break! ) and how girls think beneath all the compliments they get for being beautiful, how very much people understand their apparent “goodness”( ooh..la..la…She is so deeeeepppp) If this is what education does to women under the cloak of emanicipation, to revel in one’s own looks and degrade the essence of another being gestures with contempt and suspicion respectively, all owing to their apparent possible misunderstanding, then goodbye to liberation from moi!
Beauty is a parcel only secondary to ones wits. Consider it a “get 1 free” offer, if you have passable looks. Being sexy doesn’t necessarily mean that one should pout and flutter and sound husky with a balloon for a head sans vulnerability. The heart of a woman and the head of a man, that should be the dictum for the best of them. Without any intervention by vitals and other unnecessary numbers. Period.
Be pleased with the way you are, because I personally realized that no matter how chiseled your features look in a photograph or how good your hair shines in the light you just aint gorgeous when that glint of joy is missing from your eyes, which can only spring from the happiness in your heart. The pressure from the society to have pore sizes on one’s face not larger than a certain millimeter should be done away with, just like garbage.
Think happy. Not feel good about some unkempt illusion. Feel grateful when someone compliments you and not think further and further and further on about it endlessly and flash it on others social networking homepages about how much of your beauty they actually see, because hey who is going to wreck their noodles upstairs thinking about anybody other than themselves in this bad, mad and wild world where the only word that rules is WIN!
The truest gift to another is a portion of oneself. And that can only be given if one is happy with oneself. I accept or I better accept that I can never be 5’11 and 50 kgs to attain happiness. Or else I know I might lose my mind someday. Lose pretentions and break the rules, coz if your are never going to be ugly, you are never going to be beautiful. Like my dad says, “ Beauty and brains should go hand in hand for a woman, and that’s what I call Balance .”
Let me end this with one of my favourite quotes:
“They may talk of a comet, or a burning mountain, or some such bagatelle; but to me a modest woman, dressed out in all her finery, is the most tremendous object of the whole creation.”
And modesty it is.
{ P.S: I may not be the best person to write this, but I still love my frame J }

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