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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And now I see many eyes lighting up.. Many smiles widening.. Heat flushing out from cheeks (and in some cases paling of the same too)…
A.J has forever and will also be forever famous for its DJ than anything else(by the way our institution is supposed to produce doctors for souls unaware).. I don’t mind being a martyr for my words but then who cares, am not a puritan myself and am inevitably undisguising all our selves hereby. Having been lost in the rhythms of the “inadvertently” oft repeated music (I bet Bhool Bhulaiyya’s Hare Ram is still being played by overenthusiastic DJs in AJ ) myself too, in ALL of them, I have no right whatsoever to preach against these once in a while let-out for every frustrated soul called doctors!
But herewith, I would feel my blog incomplete without ever mentioning about the one( well people its just a figure of speech, apparently three or four every year) event, every medico(kittens and lions), every till –then-highly-revered doc, every attender, every live wire lecturer, every student from another college besides AJ wait for… The AJ Ball (as one of our professor had ridiculously put it once, reminding me of Pride and Prejudice ballroom scenes in Surgery clinics).
Of course, of course, this post would would be nothing but INCOMPLETE if the clash between The Dental and The Medicos of Kuntikana on every DJ night ( leading to either party being called MC’s , BC’s, MF’s and a plethora of other “honourable” words), is not reminded with a tad of pity, the extent of which can only be imagined, with what once, the Dentals even inviting the cats and dogs of Mangalore to attend their “Highly Priced and Exclusive DJ night” except the withering souls of AJ Medicos (sigh). That night we leaned against the grills of our window listening to the blast and the hysterical screams coming from a distance (seemingly near which was made infinite) like Shah Jahan looking at Taj Mahal after being imprisoned by Aurangazeb.

Anyways, we do get our fair share always ( maybe more after the unlucky ones like us left the college) but to all those who were& are In Da Club/House, here is to you, the memories of people who are always encountered in the luring dungeons of a club.

The Elegant Eleven of AJ ki DJ.

1) Let me start on a good note. These are the ones who are timid on the dance floor but gracefully flexible on stage. Disclaimer: these do not involve the self proclaimed official invertebrates of AJ. They might just move their hands a little here and there maybe a little hip swaying but all the more concentrated on maintaining their regal poise on an otherwise chaotic dance floor. I call them The Royal Challengers of AJ (punch me in your mind if it sounds cheesy).

2) These set of people are the exact opposite to the ones mentioned above. Nature always blesses the audience by not making these kinds attempt to venture dancing on stage. So they unleash their piled up wrath on the floor and ravish the place like Godzillas. I have had a poor friend of mine get hit on her head by a notorious dancer, otherwise “reserved” pal leading to a purple mark the next day on January 1 2009, on the former’s temple (ouch!) These are the kinds who irritate every single dancer out there by constantly extending their hands and legs in wayward motions like a possessed clock and hit people repeatedly even if the latter are screaming in pain. The Excuse: Partttaaayyy. Lets get it all rolling! Roll, but not on others faces and derriers and limbs please! These truly are The Daredevils of AJ.
3) The next set of people are the ones exceptionally good on dance floor but not necessarily that well versed on stage, in some cases. It’s a pleasure to watch these charged souls on floor and get inspired. These don’t hit another, Thank God for that! They are in their own world, grooving to the music in their own way, swaying their hips ( that’s girls, not boys!) and quite unwarily luring another ( that’s for boys, not girls!). They dance as if nobody is watching them. The Chargers of AJ’s DJ.
4) The next set is the Hilarious one of the lot.“The Hysterionics”. They dance as if they are in a bathtub with a hair dryer switched on. Or for desi standards, with the heater coil on in the shower. They seem apparently normal but once they start dancing, even if they look like Sharmila Tagore or John Cusack, people run away to get diazepam for them. Their style of dancing: erratically vibrating bodies, jittering jaws, rolled up eyes which makes them look like they are about to collapse on the other but on the contrary makes the one dancing with them run around for help. They want to get somewhere and someone with their controversial moooves but their situation is as unstable as that of Cochin’s( or is it Gujarat’s) embryonic Rendezvous team.
5) The Royals of AJ. This group is not a group as in a group. The group has been mentioned here because these kind of individuals collectively put together can after all be a group. Erm.. Forgive me. These individuals are the “stealers” of the show. Psychophants often hype about their fluid- Jackson-like movements and hail them as the best dancer AJ has ever seen. And once they start dancing, even if its fisherman’s dance, they are cheered because the ones cheering them are challenged. They dance in the repetitive mode. They are cheered also for the repeated moves. Repetitively. Aaahh too many repetitions. Getting a brainfreeze!

6) The Grouper Troopers. No matter what, these people will never dance alone or with anybody else, save their own customized group of friends. They create their own DJ Family and make boundaries linking hands together, like animals creating their territories except that they don’t pee around their group. Of course the girl groups are pardonable in the lot since they don’t want a dope to intrude and grope them. But what about the ones where an entire batch consecrates themselves into this groupism on floor. As if the worlds going to end right after their dance and there would be no tomorrow for them with their “family”! Music knows no bounds, guys. So does the limitations of these people. Music is the only element that brings the world together people. When will you all rise and shine?!
7) The Doppergangers. This can include the dopes, the drunks, and the wannabes who cannot sustain either. They are under the impression that clubbing is synonymous with rave parties! They mess around shaking the rest of the clan’s integrity. They are also, needless to say, The Strippers most of the time. They cannot dance with a shirt on. Its against their law. They go around threatening ” to kiss the gals” and sometimes the guys if their dope induced vision is too clouded! These guys have an aversion towards peace and bump onto every girl and jump on every guy who tries to be “the hero” . Verdict: They are totally not cool, if that’s what they think they are.
8) These are the haughtiest on the planet of AJ and DJ. They come flashed up in their heels and cocktail dresses, gleaming belts and gelled up hair, pert noses and lifted chins and when it comes to dancing they’ll wiggle their bums, resign to fatigue and the lack of quality of music (we know you don’t belong to the McCartneys) and sit around in a corner dismissing the ones who are enjoying. Ironically, these are also the people who have a self induced Madonna and Timberlake in them. But they are always a big failure when it comes to displaying their steps. The Kuntikana KnightRiders is what they deserve!
9) The spectators of the night. The observers. The silent ones. Every gathering, every family, every group of friends, every classroom will have such notoriously observant ones. They are the holders of secrets of that night. They sit back and observe who is dancing with whom, who is making out with whom, who is slapping whom, who is oggling whom and the ilk and pass verdicts in their mind (sometimes voice it out too with a dragging tone, only to humiliate the subject of their talk). They comprise of the shy ones, the clever ones (who are under the illusion that their brains will fly away with the gusto of the party), the occasionally tired ones( these don’t preside as much though) , the ones who want to dance but are certain to break a bone if they dare to attempt so and optimistically speaking, the Mary Poppins who are just too happy to see you enjoying to the hilt. I christen them, The Shadows ( if you have a penchant for beautiful words feel free to use The Silhouettes)
10) These group of people wait for the right regional song to play, to display their legs wide apart, butt jutting out steps. They seem to be doing balle balle and the rooster or Snake dance but apparently get the two fused up. They scream and pout and get their tongues out when Jeene mera Dil Lutteya and Manmadha Raasa are on air. The rest of the crowd better part their ways for them or else the next foot to be thumped by these mercilessly enthused people would be yours. They are the attention cravers of the lot but for some reason I prefer calling them The Bloopers ( you know precisely why).
11)These are nevertheless not the least ever, just because they are the last. Save the best for last is what I staunchly believe in, even when it comes to food. These are our erstwhile professors, some who come to enjoy( don’t mind these people at all), some who come in the name of enjoyment but are actually undercover agents in disguise for the Central Bureau of Casualty , some who are not as clever to disguise and appear as the aforementioned yet come to protect a certain outwardly naïve group of girls, some who come to vent out their frustrated souls with a certain vengeance in every possible ways. I pity myself fully aware of the fact that tomorrow I too might turn out to be like them. Since they are almost fading away, I am uninspired to give a name for this group.
I would like to quote what I had read once, as an after thought to my post.

“ We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.”

As Ogden Nash says, This is still a hope hopen for AJ ke DJ!

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