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Monday, June 29, 2009

When June is past...

Lots happening over this month.....June has one more day to go....And I am waiting to know what the last day has to offer.....
It all began with the predictable victory and the smooth running of Congress and its plans and strategies in India ....... Singh, Sonia, Rahul, Shashi posters were blinding everbody....You even forgot how your own face looked like! And" the on-the-lookout split " in CPM is as predictable as the fact that one does not leave a restaurant with a full stomach and an unpaid bill....
Then came the demise of Maadhavikutty... Whose work I havent read much but admired her for her grit and "attitude-on-my-sleeve confidence" and for the very fact that even she loved to live in a fantasy world....There was a sense of loss when she left this earthly world but also a sense of togetherness when she entered into the eternal world...I pray that she gets the love that she has always yearned for, in the other world....I pray that as per her wishes she never gets a life again in this materialistic and cold world.....
And then came the high profile rape case of Shiney Ahuja, which took a Bollywood turn, with an unflinchingly loyal wife who stood[ hope she still stands,as the DNA reports have second-ed the allegations] by her man, an on & off confession by Shiney himself, a grieving victim and her family, a maid who apparently has given Ahuja a "character"certificate[is that even valid from a maid that too!] and alleged that the victim fell for the 'Seth'{crap!true or not} and a makeshift conspiracy theory by some fatigued journalist[ they are even more creative than the new Big Babol ad's creative exec or for that matter even the fat Aunty who leans over your common fencing just to distract your mom from her gardening with her fantasy tales about your housemaid! Of course, thast what they are meant to be,,,to SPIN STORIES ;) ]
And then the disturbing images spread over the newspapers in your morning platter about the riots in Iran regarding their political freedom.....Ahmadenijad, Mousavi and Khamenei are the only names that has been gaining more coverage in the newspapers these days apart from Michael Jackson...Kudos u Iranian Nobles! {lol} for getting your way done at the cost of others bloodshed!
And No people... The swine flu has not been forgotten by Moi but thats an epidemic that we will have to live with now, since the vaccines are "still under work "and waiting to be "tried "[ claims Novartis]...
And to top it all..... on June 25th I was among the last ones to know at 10:00 am[sigh!] that the King of Pop has met with a sudden demise.... I ,still, am trying to wean away from this news ,but well, He will never be dead for anyone because thats the strength of the legacy that he has left behind!
Of music, of controversies, of love, of hatred,of scepticism and in pure awe of moonwalks!
And of course I take this chance to pay homage to a truly gifted writer and director, Lohithadas, who departed from the world without an anticipation and the gorgeous Farah Fawcett whose death could only have been overshadowed by Jacko's [ for bloomers: her role is the one that is portrayed by Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels, before C.A took inspiration from the TV series to become a movie ]
Well that was June girl for you.. Wonder what the July boy has in store now.... Will a fake email threatening of another tsunami on 22nd be true?? Lets wait and watch...............................................
Rather lets pray that we stay alive to wait and watch ;)


  1. That's a lot of things...Well you missed the Air France, n now the Yemeni....that was a bad bad bad month :(

  2. oh yes.. Really sorry for missing the Air France event...It was a terrible calamity of June.. Worser than all the aforementioned event combined together..And guess wot, I wrote this entry on June 29th anticipating as to wot would happen on June 30 and lo! The Yemen airplane tragedy surfaces up! May All those souls Rest In Peace.