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Friday, June 26, 2009

Random things

I have so many things to write about... I would always want to believe that am a person who doesnt hurry but Madam here worries and hurries more than three mother hens combined together! Ok Ok ..... Am not scurrying around anymore[whatever that means hehehe] but I think I wouldnt be getting sleep tonight if I dont write about a certain news clipping that I saw in the TV today....
I happened to get a glimpse of it, honestly speaking, midway but what I saw struck me on my face. An infant ........The mascot of innocence ..... The mascot of helplessness.... A baby which only knows to smile and look perplexed at the camera [ and of course, intercepted with occassional wails ] bundled in a white sheet lying in a makeshift pink cloth cradle of an organization in Kerala, that helplessly yet without a least bit reticence[I would like to believe so], accepts newborn { oh my heart is being squeezed with the next word! } "orphans".... Or rather they accept God's Children...... Never is anybody is born an orphan....just like nobody is born a criminal.....These calamities happen because of the choices that one takes to lead an unstigmatized life in this double standard society! What sort of a world is this where a woman abandons her own child! I mean though I do stand against abortions[had the WORST luck of conducting one!] I suggest that if a pregnancy is unwanted and has happened due to a mishap it is better to kill the child in an embryonic stage rather than bring it to the world, abandon it and then kill it slowly by making it sink into a whirlpool of depression for having to live with the disgrace that its own blood didnt want it!{ or dear! this is an era of precautions! USE A CONTRACEPTION! Simple! }I wonder whether the woman who has painfully delivered this child into this bad,mad,wild world has actually known about this heinous crime that has been done towards her own , which apparently my friends, is a baby girl. I would shudder to think that she does know about it! Then I'd start doubting on the value of the word LOVE!Because there is nothing more truer and selfless as a mothers love! On the other hand if she doesnt, then my prayers are with her.................
Either ways I believe if a woman has chosen to go ahead with her pregnancy,planned or unplanned, she has to have the guts to face the flak and be the spine of the world that her child is brought up in instead of building a nest in the open and leaving the eggs uncared for only to be pecked on by hungry snakes!
Anyways as I am keying these words all that I can think of is the rosy face of that hapless newborn, its eyes already searching for love.... A love which it will always search for with moist eyes

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  1. People's mind have saturated with this kind of news, Mother abandoning new born, son shooting mother...Where the world is going? God only knows!