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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to myself!

This thought has been gnawing me from days... BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG BLAAAAWWWWGGG! I seriously thought I wasnt made for letting things in my head flow out into the blogpages through my fingers punching into the black keys of my lappie! I thought of myself as more of an ancient writer!U know I still think like that {lol} I still love writing with a pen on a paper and later on analying everything about my piece { from handwriting to the syntax to the grammar ;) }. I had once heard from a friend in college [now I do not know how much of it is true] that our brain tends to function and recollect more when our index finger is used in the process for learning; say when we jot down notes or when we use the classic kiddy method of following the lines that we read with our index finger trailing underneath them. So I kind of thought that writing with a pen would invigorate myself and my sense of creativity more than typing. So kind of delayed with my blogging ambitions.But thanks to a friend, who apparently saw a blogger in me, my ambitions have re-Invigorated back! So here I am trying my luck with my new found hobby[ rather a way of expression or in simple words VENTING out ] and just keeping my fingers crossed that I dont stray away from this postdated child of mine!


  1. Awesome! Welcome to the world of blogging. You would find a lot of people following you :)

    Have a great Journey :)