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Saturday, April 28, 2012

We, my Friend!

I left the doors open ajar,
My windows bringing a pale grey
Into my heart.
Curtains whispering tales,
Of a thousand dreams
And a few foregone laughters,
Of times that were and will be
Let them all stream in today,
For we have no tomorrows,
Only todays.
To laugh in the sun,
To dance in the rains
To cry and feel,
In the dark heat of the cold waves
And its pains.
Oh and when the leaves of autumn
Fly into our hearths,
We shall soak it up,
With the tears
Her icicles left us.
Cruel and begrudging she might be,
For we all are anything but
Not without a fault.
So what if she forgot forgiveness, my dear
We still remember love in us
Yet once again!

  Image courtesy: Photos by annekata from flickr.com {source of inspiration rather!}

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