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Sunday, April 1, 2012


I sit sleepless ( though not in Seattle, to my dismay or may be not!) and I am trying to get ....


So where does that come from? This word which we utter out in our diction a) if it is either known to us in our sense of vocabulary from mere learning b) if we have the intelligence enough to use it in our sense of vocabulary, instead of a uber 'cool' or a blonde 'huge' and c)if we are truly inspired and swept off by the muse, that the magic makes mythological involuntary quests and forces our beefy thick tongues to utter " I AM ...........................................INSPIRED" ..

And yet, isn't it a shame, that the last instance, forget rarely, but almost never happens!

So yeah, almost bordering my late 20s, I am subjected to write some nonsense in the name of exams, voluntarily and the opposite of it, in equal measures, when my grey cells have already started making their routine complaints for retirement pensions, and in my pensive mood I am looking around for inspiration, in thin air. Or some osmotic magic that might lead me to the haven of bliss, where everything but a frown on the face happens.

Not even a diligent, worked up room mate is going to help the arrogant in me.. So I decide to get inspired by ....................................NOTHING.

And I sit by sleepless ( Oh now I truly wish I was in Seattle! ) thinking about all the things I know I could do which is ............. EVERYTHING ( Except for biting a live snake.. I am no Christian Bale!)

So here I am, as I am, still waiting for the moment of Nirvana to happen to me. When I know I have almost gone blind, deprived of hunger,losing vision thanks to a mundane, monotonous routine, in a much despised place where 'monks' reside ( even within "inverteds" it looks like a neat joke hehe ) patiently queued up ahead the ticket counter of happiness-yet-to-happen.

And I hear a knock on my door. Only to open it and see that sunshine had back long arrived home and is still waiting to inspire me..

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