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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Oh Angel of Light!
When I looked up into your eyes
Did I see pebbles of belief
Abyss of altruism!
The belief of a Saint,
Who died by the hearth
Of the One you taught us
To reside in.

The tears of a languid love.

When did u lose us?
When did we scamper away from you?
We stayed together
Three of us,
We biked, played, read and slept
Together on the clouds of a
In the heat
Of a scorching Land.
I wailed aeons back,
In a house that smelled of burning wood,
But I still don’t know why?

Today I wonder,
Like I wondered in your saccule
The one made of my flesh
The one that you gave me
The one that you taught me into another
To be or not to be,
But nevertheless I would want to be.

Didn’t our innocence dishearten you?
When the cold metal hit your veins,
Didn’t our soft laughter haunt you?
When you closed your eyes to sleep.
For that one moment,
Didn’t our four fair small legs
Stamp on your bosom?
When you thought you heaved a sigh of
Relief ,or you thought so!

I curse (as ever) the oncoming
Of a tornado into our shelter,
At the horizon of
Our lives, our turmoils,
And The love you gave us.
Dragging us into the depths
Of unknown unfathomable longing,
To be together,
In the home of
Standstill sunrises.

And still my feet
So small to run,
So big ,
To hold back together,
Run to you,
To hug the homecoming breeze.
Your warmth.
Your softness.
Your scent.
Your being.

The scent of the woman
I will ever know of,
As I am being flanked by a million other
Into a deep sweet

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