Sunset. Sunrise. Sunshine.

Anymore proof for the divine!

Monday, April 18, 2011


" A thing of beauty, is a joy forever."

Every lover has a story
To tell,
Of a long gone sunset
That every heart held.
Of the sheen only his retiring gaze
Could produce,
Never did gold seem
So good, on their lovers skins.

Those in love, never question..
They have seen the rainbows
In the iris of their loves.
And when the coquettish sky
Drapes on her silk of ink,
Never did the moon moan so much
As in anybody than a lover,
For that gold she threw into those
Deep waters,
To adorn pearls and diamonds
And the blue sapphire of Venus,
Never worthier than
The gleam of a golden crystal
In the eyes of a beloved soul.

P.S: If you have taken the kind consideration or rather a selfless attempt to read this little poetry of mine, then do share with me about your favourite time of the day and why you feel so much about it.. :)


  1. I found your blog while i was reading another blog. I am glad I came to take a look. You write so beautifully. My favorite time of day is late at night, when everyone has gone to sleep and I can be alone with my thoughts, dreams, ambitions, hopes, and fears. When I have no one to bother me and I can just have me time. I look forward to continuing to read your blog.

  2. what would i say what time was it
    I found myself, not lost
    and which was the day where it all stood
    still to be caressed by its own beauty....
    i had wringed time a thousand times to
    stop it and drain all its water which flowed
    with it and flowered that which was me
    but then illusion always lived outside time
    when days opened ur eyes and nights put you to sleep....never knew which was the time for when in love is not to know time, but to loose it completely, to devoid it of all its meanings, to make it ur own and in this making it denying it all the same....so no time remains for those beautiful kisses and those embraces and slowly the eyes of the lover take u across that space where it was just nothingness and in it was everything......

    but nice to bring us back those beautiful experiences, those sublime moments in which human memories live when love refuses to be and just is...you just invite us to world of enchantment, a flight which I always think I am about to miss...but it pulls you all the same towards itself and a journey which you will never want to miss ...:)