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Friday, April 22, 2011


Every inception carries a
Beat in it,
Every creation
A dream.
Every requiem carries
A soul in it,
Of faith, fated resilience
And love,
Out of bereft in it.

Every Sea carries a wave
Of tried and tested salt from
Another shore.
Every wind carries
A silent prayer for
Things of past that is lost
Without one's will.
Every drop of water
Pitting against this thirsty earth
Speaks a story of an urge
To laugh at an old flame's
Cracked spirits
Of graying joie-de-vivres..

Time takes away
Not only the once gay green leaves
With the rebellious winds of autumn,
Or the supple youth of man
In its strong, bossy arms.
But also those tender dreams
That befell upon us,
When we knew how to laugh
And believe in sunshine..

Let us pray
For this and many more
to come
Blood baths, wails and
Sorrow laden hopes.
Monuments of insanity
And romps of foolish pomps.

Let us pray once again
For every woman,
Who dreams one day
Of bringing out a life,
In this land of
Looming shadows,
Awaiting crimson tides.

(For those who are lulled at night with the noises of drone above them, their roofs and their skies)

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