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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So it has been a day of avid blog reading for me pretty much. And I must say that I pretty much find pinks, creams and whites in every other link in all these blog hops a bit too optimistic for reality. Not to mention quite pinky Barbie-ish. But hey who am I to condescend the mindset of all these cheerful and happy bloggers out there, who are perhaps hoping to drink the left out wine in the glass.

Or maybe I should blame my toothpaste too. For being red and white striped ( for late bloomers like me, red + white = pink, in primary school drawing classes ).For reminding me these colors before I sleep on a gray-brown bed.

Ah! I surely do miss poetry. I do write them, but only in my journals. And I should cover up my hiatus for not reading them. I am having the pre-jitters of travelling anyways and that I take up as a good enough excuse to go under a hibernation from everything that I cherish doing.

Only if every one of us had a toilet bowl in our house to flush down nothing but insecurities. (WTF!)

Like a friend said yesterday, life has to move on, but nobody knows to where.. And getting back to ground zero after a two year hiatus is just making me feel like a baby all over again. Now if I could pull out a rhyme-o-meter poetry here, I could snuggle up in my little pit of niche. ( there I go again! )

But today, as in everyday, but especially today (ok!) I wish all my loved ones have a better tomorrow, all those reading my words have a better life from here on and nothing but love happen to them in their lives in every sort of manifestation.

[So much lovey talks for that vehement black background I hold up against the face of my readers~ if I have any ;) ]

And taking a dear friend's pearls-of-wisdom-words into consideration: I shall try being less angry. I shall breathe and I shall smile.

(Although I know tomorrow something unjust shall make me go foul tempered again, especially since I come from that part of the world).

Life's a crime for
The Ones who believed
Were sinners
Of past..

No more past, only a colorful future. Pink, creams, oranges, blues or gray. If that is your favourite colour ;)

I take a leap
Holding the hands
Of my dear friend.

Image courtesy: http://www.timeoffun.com/pics/High-Hopes/High-Hopes-1.jpg

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