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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


And she stood there
This little angel,
The magic of the stars 
Across the sky,
With her in
Every charm.
She once wore 
A frock ,
As colorful as the rainbows,
Such as
You and I never saw.
A yellow for her smile
A blue for her eyes
A vivid pink for her,
Everflowing heart.
A red for the ones
Who'd cry without her,
A green for every 
Land she awed upon,
A violet for all the 
Flowers she knew
Should have some colour on,
An orange for
All the merry times
She will once cherish
When the rains fall on a slate gray day.
But she for one
Born of a million brilliant lights,
Never kept them in her bag,
For a  smile passed on to her
From every vagabond ,
She stripped and lay the colors
On road,
Bare and running.
And they picked and smiled and waved and vanished,
Into lands she thought were her homes,
Luring colors with flowers that were never fragrant,
A wistful smile upon a wishful face.
Alas! the girl in the rainbow dress
She is left with nothing but
Shadows of colors
Beckoning ghosts of
That were hers

Image courtesy: www.jwestphotography.com ( Joanne West photography)

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