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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Cat Buddha

Kitty li'l Kitty
What upon you meditate?
So calm and despicable
Those whirly-whirly eyes.

You sit and stare at that
Some tree unknown to me,
And then its the wall behind
Like a prisoner waiting to flee.

Kitty li'l Kitty
Look at how many times
I crossed you,
Huffing and panting like a swine
But I think its panther-like divine.

So I know why you don't look at me
Even though you are a God to
People of The Misr
You are as silly as that old foolish
A puckered emotional mis'r.

Kitty li'l Kitty
I shall feed you milk t'night,
As long as I remember
To hoard in some sweet jam
For my brains by twilight!

Don't be like those around you
Those two legged freaks,
Shadows and flesh alike
They seem to rot and reek.

Wolves by day
Ghouls by night,
They stuff, snort, snore and sigh,
They think they know
They think they dream
But they are trapping themselves
To delight.

Kitty li'l Kitty
Come be with me
You and me and the one-in-hiding,
Shall jump out and over the wall
And set ourselves free.
Only if you wag your tail,
No cold smirk, teeth
Or eyes,
And snitch some food
And little pools of whitey milk
In a pail of moonlight.

Image courtesy: Whiska

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