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Sunday, December 4, 2011


*Gleam of a thousand carbons*

And depth of a million miles below,
Into the mist of blindness
A thousand rows of enigma,
Wings, a hand's length, grew anew
As she dropped through!

Hitting the silver sheets of blade
Sharp across,
Into the spine of her remnant guts
As they split across in the air.

Up goes a gust of chill
Brackish and hot in the skin lined caves.
And through the ventricles of a
Kindred spirit.
Anonymous.As it may seem.

She wakes up.
Blurring into the blue.
Hollow, viscous, callings from around.
A simmering golden crown.

"Is it him above?"

Immersed in the fluids of
A million tears from infinity,
And unknown horizons' withered away sweats,
She ate the sands of gold
And stood the testimony of aeons
Called Time.

Feet stuck into the weeds never seen
Her soul, a wandering star in
A galaxy of multitudes of unforgiving heavens.
She peered into the eyes beneath the trench
'Never there.Never anywhere.
Watching her all the while
Till a no' seen.

She went down those drains
With these reins.

To travel with these foams
Bound again...

Image courtesy: http://goldwallpapers.com/data/media/1/ws_Deep_blue_sea_1024x768.jpg

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