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Anymore proof for the divine!

Monday, November 15, 2010


In the dark corners, in the fake lights, amidst the sleeping lives,
Lie the weeping whispers of an unknown
Lie the wails of a soul so lone…
Cold she is, shattered is her heart, broken into shards of countless crystals,
Flesh and nails grinding inside,
When time and time again she begged
“Not anymore… No more…. No more….”
Until the voice inside her, died..When the devil’s foot pounded on her head,
Gnarling teeth, devious hunger, vicious wetness
All over a withering soul,
Crushing her hair, once long black locks
Now no more, now no more…
When the womb that bore
The cursed life now
Wailed from her bosom
Once the vessel of elixir for
This broken life, this unwanted life
Uncared for, unseen by
That bears the mark of Satan and his sons,
Where was that god, some god who said
“Everything happens for goodness”
That’s all…
Where is this moment, draining into the ocean of virtues and all that’s good?
Where is that god, where is he lurking?
Is he lying in a corner
Too high, too stoned!
When everything went dark, bloody, painful and empty
Where was the one who gave that royal princess
An extra yard length of dignity, when she was stripped,
and stripped of Spirit and love
For an audacious audience of courtiers in the darbar of pleasures..
Does he favour the royal, does he incline for the beautiful?
Oh but she is none, has never been one
And now will not be anything .. No more..
The shrieks ring in the head, the pain tears the heart to two
Of hers, her body’s, her self’s, her being ..
All I can see with closed or opened eyes
The kerosene lamp that gave the wretched glow
On that fateful night,
When a woman’s honour was the doormat of the ceremony
And a mother’s tears
Became untold of…

~ for Kunjammi

( this poem is for every woman who has had the misfortune of being snatched of her life's dignity mercilessly.. Kunjammi is just one among the millions)


  1. well-worked and thought-provoking.
    the ending, esp. the last 5 lines, just brilliant!